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Consumers respond better to shared content than paid adverts:

It has been long assumed that shared content by friends is more effective than paid placements, but now General Electric have the proof.

Teamed up with Buzzfeed, the company hired digital-advertising measurement firm Vizu to test the theory. This was done through ‘The GE Show’ video distributed through through paid adverts and sharing, testing how attitudes varied amongst those exposed in each way.

Results found that those exposed though sharing had a “significantly bigger lift is positive attitudes toward GE- associating the brand with such things as creativity and innovation- than people exposed via paid placements”.

Local is better than Global when it comes to Facebook pages:

Social Bakers have examined Analytics, focusing specifically on Engagement Rate (the average number of likes and comments to each post divided by the number of fans). Findings highlighted that local engagement works better than global engagement for Facebook pages.

As examples, they used brands BMW and Xbox, finding that their top local pages results in high (10 times high in Xbox’s case) levels of engagement than a centralized global page. Local pages are more beneficial to consumers due to its relevance, fans sharing a common language, having more in common and more relevant content being published.

Social Reading with Frictionless Sharing:

Recommendations Bar is one of Facebook’s latest social plugins, which integrates Facebook’s open graph feature. Essentially, it recommends relevant articles or ‘Social Recommendations’ to readers. It also features an ‘Omnipresent Like Button’, which doesn’t move when users scroll or resize their browser window, and allows for frictional sharing.

Over 5 billion songs shared on Facebook since f8 conference

On the topic of frictionless sharing, over 5 billion songs have been shared on Facebook since last year’s f8 conference in September. Whether users are happy with this sharing, which can lead to a full page of nothing but “here’s you’re your friend listened to”, Facebook is said to be working on showing “the right stories to the right people at the right time”.

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