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Zappos TweetWall

Taking a great deal of influence from Pinterest, Zappo’s new TweetWall displays a page of products in real-time as they are being talked about on Twitter.

TweetWall creater Alice Han explains that the tool was designed to let Zappo’s customers know “what are people tweeting about right now. It creates a fun way to see what may be trending or what may just be an odd item we carry that’s a fun conversation starter.”

Visitors are able to browse through the TweetWall image gallery, and see product tweets in real time.

When we first came across TweetWall the first thought that came to mind was definitely hmmm this looks a little (or a lot) like Pinterest, but it’s a great site for customer discover, letting people find products they never knew about before. It is also highly social- encouraging customers to tweet their own opinions and recommendations, whilst driving word about the Zappo’s brand, and the fact it is in real-time is brilliant because people want access to information immediately these days- pretty clever stuff!

American Express gets customers tweeting for dollars

AmEx launched a tweet-and-save program, which got customers saving $1.3 million!

Customers had to sync their AmEx cards to their Twitter accounts, and tweet using hashtags like #AmExZappos. Coupons where then loaded directly to their credit cards and could be redeemed at purchase.

In just 9 days, , AmEx received more than 150,000 tweets (coupons worth $1.3 million) on products such as burgers and iPads.

We love this, and think it was an absolutely brilliant campaign for both AmEx and its merchant partners including MacDonald’s and Best Buy.

Dominos makes pizza shareable

Facebook produced its first ever Facebook exclusive advert, which highlighted its offer of free cookies to fans who spent over £10 on pizza.

Customers who spent £10 or more and wanted to claim their free cookie needed to go to Domino’s Facebook page and enter the voucher code taken from the brands website. This in turn resulted to a brilliant financial result of increased sales via online orders.

Dominos are even getting social on the other side of the pond (Australia) where they are creating their first ‘social pizza’ by letting their 488,000 Facebook fans help create the pizza. Fans will be able to vote on everything from sauce, toppings, dough, and even its name. As an added incentive, the fan who comes up with the winning name will bag themselves $1,000!

I wonder what bizarre and unusual social recepie will be created for this pizza!

And a social campaign CB loved… before it went wrong…


Peugeot Panama Pinterest Puzzle

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the last few months, you’ll know that Pinterest is making social headlines including it becoming one of the leading social networks in referral traffic. So its not surprise that brands are beginning to jump on the wagon and release competitions on Pinterest.

Peugeot have taken to Pinterest to launch their latest competition in which they asked fans to find the missing puzzle pieces of their models across the Peugeot Panama Pinterest boards.

Great idea… until unfortunately, the Pinterest platform had a makeover, and was updated during Peugeot’s competition… good try though!

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    I wouldn’t call it a fail; it certainly was a very creative way to utilize Pinterest and foster lots of media interest. Many companies are still figuring out to utilize Pinterest to advertise their brand.

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