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The highest Facebook engagement levels come from a brand with only 14,500 fans.

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A study by Socialbakers found that while fast moving consumer brands and Fashion pages have the highest number of Facebook fans, it is in fact the Automotive and Alcohol brands that have the highest rates of engagement (0.207%).

Whilst major, global brands like Redbull, Skittles, and Coca-Cola top the list for number of Facebook fans, when it comes to engagement, these fast moving consumer brands aren’t so successful.



An interesting find was that the brand with highest engagement was Renault ZE with 15,000 fans, topping BMW, also in the automotive category with 9.5 million fans. The highest daily engagement rate was from electronic brands, with Nintendo and Samsung Eesti with engagement rates above 25%.



So what are these brands doing that get biggest engagement rate from a smaller group of fans? Socialbakers explain that these brands with high-level engagement also share a variety of content from photos videos, questions, polls, tips and tricks, and external links. View full article here about how these successful automotive brand engage their fans.



View full detailed Socialbakers report here for all industries; Fashion, Ecommerce, Beauty, Telecom, Electronics, Airlines, Automotive, Alcohol and Media statistics.

If you own a brand page and are unsure of the level of fan engagement it’s receiving compared to that of your competitors, let us know at [email protected] and we’ll let you know the level of engagement your page is receiving- otherwise known as an IPM score, compared with your competitors, and the best ways to engage your fans. After all, what good is having fans of your Facebook page if they’re not actively engaged?

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