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Facebook to release timeline for brands

At the F8 conference back in September, Facebook introduced its new timeline format for profile pages, and since then it has slowly rolled out, with users still having the choice to opt in.

At the same time of the announcement, Facebook said it would wait before it rolled out this new feature for brands.

This month however, Facebook will be introducing its Timeline features to brands on a stage-by-stage basis.

The tabs or apps marketers currently host on their Facebook pages to sell products or take polls may turn into boxes on the brand’s Timeline, much like how apps for Spotify or Washington Post Social Reader live on users’ Timelines.

More details will be announced by Facebook after their next conference on 29th Feb.

Facebook verified accounts status

Facebook is now allowing prominent Facebook figures to verify their accounts and opt to display a preferred nickname instead of their birth name. T hose with verified accounts will gain more prominent placement in Facebook’s “People To Subscribe To” suggestions.

There’s no way to volunteer to be verified, you have to be chosen by Facebook. These users will be prompted to submit an image of a government-issued photo ID, which is deleted after verification. They’ll also be given the option to enter an “alternate name” that can be used to find them through search and that can be displayed next to their real name in parentheses or as a replacement.

Open Graph targeting options allowed

Facebook now allows Ads API partners to target users by action, even if the advertiser is not associated with the Open Graph app that created the action. This latest change to the Open Graph action targeting permissions gives advertisers more options to pinpoint consumers based on their activity on Facebook and with integrated apps.

Facebook continues to test Sponsored Stoires based on Open Graph actions like ‘read’ ‘watch’ and ‘listen’

In the test version, advertisers can pay to promote stories about a user listening to a particular artist, watching a particular video or reading an article, even if the advertiser does not own the app in which the action was taken.

Twitter advertising for small businesses

Twitter have introduced an advertising solution that makes it easier for small businesses to set up an advertising account on their own and amplify their messages on Twitter.  They will also be able to feature new promotions and messagesmore prominently in their customers Twitter timelines, and find new customers by promoting Tweets

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