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Social Media Predictions for 2012

Social Media Permalink RSS feed Written by Michelle Goldfarb

All of us at CREATIVE BEANS would like to wish our families, friends, clients, colleagues and followers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

With 2011 now well and truly over, what does 2012 have in store for the Social media industry? Here are some of the predictions from our friends at The Next Web

Facebook and Google+ will compete for the number one spot
As competition between Facebook and Google+ hots up, there can only be one real winner. While there is certainly room for both in the social networking world, it remains to be seen if Google+ will be able to catch up with, and surpass, Facebook.

Mobile social media will realise its full potential
More and more people are keen to keep their social media experiences around their smartphones. With the ability to take and share photos, check-in to locations and share status updates all from the convenience of a handset, a lot of the focus will shift to improving both the smartphone and tablet experience that the major social networks offer.

Social media will become a natural extension of journalism
Social media has made significant strides in the world of journalism. We’ve seen Twitter break major news events and also seen how social media has been used as a tool by activists on the ground broadcasting stories long before they reach mainstream media. In 2012, social media will simply become a natural extension of the journalistic field.

The long awaited social media IPOs
There is probably no other IPO that has been more anticipated in the social media world, or possibly even the tech world, than the Facebook IPO. Predictions have already been made for months about Facebook’s $100 billion IPO. With other IPOs scheduled for later in the year including we can expect a whole host of new angel investors.

Twitter to embrace advertising and brands
Twitter has already been slowly pushing small adverts into our timelines with sponsored tweets, and advertising on the social media site is bound to become more obvious in 2012. This has to be the year that Twitter figures out once and for all how to interact with advertising and with brands. And if it wants to be taken seriously, in the face of some pretty fierce competition with Facebook and Google, Twitter is going to have to step it up.

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