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New Facebook Features

Social Media Permalink RSS feed Written by Michelle Goldfarb

Facebook places ads alongside social updates in the feed.

In the past, adverts have appeared down the right-hand side of users news feeds as ‘Sponsored Stories’. The new Facebook ‘Featured Ads’ are essentially these adverts now showing up next to social updates from your friends.

These ads will only feature in users news feeds if they, or a friend have liked the brand. It is only clear that posts on your news feed are ads if you hover your mouse over the ‘Featured’ text at the bottom of the story. To reduce irritation from Facebook users, Facebook have declared that there will only be one of these featured ads per day appearing in their news feed.


Coupon Promotions.

Facebook is also trialing a different type of coupon promotion, which will be promoted within Sponsored Stories. The coupons will generate a more prominent story in users News Feed, allowing users to find more offers easier.

Studies found that users come to Facebook for exclusive offers and discounts, which suggests that if these coupon promotions are created well, they could prove a big success.


Listen to music with your friends on Facebook.

Facebook are rolling out a new feature, which will allow users to listen to music with their friends at the exact same time. This new feature will be integrated within Facebook chat, with a ‘listen with’ button.

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