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Starting out in blogging – Platform comparison, tips and tricks

Blogging, Business Blogging, Web development Permalink RSS feed Written by Joel Davey

1.     Choose the Right Platform

Popular blogging platforms are Blogger, WordPress, TypePad and Tumblr, which offer tons of features which allow for customization.

See the table below for a comparison

Feature WordPress TypePad Tumblr Blogger
Themes and customisation No template editing on most templates, stylesheet editing as a paid upgrade Theme builder for plus plans and above Easy Template editing on all themes as well as html editing. Template editing on all themes via html editing.
Languages 120+ Languages 50 Languages
Hosting Self hosted and available on Hosted on TypePad Hosted on Tumblr Hosted on
Use own domain name Yes Yes (Pro plan) Yes Yes
Comments Moderation comment editing and Akismet spam protection. Spam filtering and moderation options no editing. Spam filtering and moderation options no editing. Spam filtering and moderation options no editing.
Social integration None Included None Included

2.     Content

The success to any blog is its content. Identify your niche, and be sure to blog regularly, with content that is both meaningful and engaging to attract online readers. If you’re stuck for inspiring content, immerse yourself in forums, wikis and news sites relevant to your own blog and write about them. Keep an eye on your blog analytics to see which of your posts are most popular with your readers.

3.     Link Building

Improve search engine indexing of your blog by linking yours to other blogs in the same niche, which will also improve your page traffic.

Another popular method to improve your blog traffic is through blog commenting. Allow visitors to comment on your blog, and be sure to respond to them, showing that you care for your readers and any open discussion. Comment on other blogs to help build links to your own blog as many of them allow you enter your website/blog address.

5.     Share Socially

Incorporate all the social platforms you are on by adding social links to them on your blog. Also provide your readers with functions such as Add me, Share this, Tweet and Email so that readers can share your posts with their networks this creates for extra exposure to your blog. Submit your blog posts to social bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit to help increase the traffic to your blog.

6.     SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial tool to ensure maximum traffic to your blog. Use key words and informed titles on your blog to improve your ranking, if your platform allows install an SEO plugin such as WordPress SEO for the wordpress platform. Check your handy work by searching for your blog topics in Google to see where your placed.

7.     Use Images

Not only do images make your blog more attractive, but they also help people find you in search engines. Naming your images for search engine optimization can help boost traffic, and get your blog noticed. It’s important to fill out the ALT tags for each image with keywords from the post.

9.     Sync your Blog Content with an RRS Feed

Let you’re loyal readers know when you publish new content to your blog by setting up an RRS feed button on your blog, publish this feed on Google’s

10.  Consider Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be done either by writing a guest post on another blogger’s blog, or by another blogger writing a guest post on your own blog. Both are likely to increase traffic, and in the case of the later produce some different content for your own.

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