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Great Innovative Social Campaigns

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Order pizza on Facebook

If you happen to live in New Zealand or Australia, and you’re craving a pizza, you now don’t have to move  away from your laptop, or pick up the phone to fill your stomach, as you can now place your order on Facebook instead with Domino’s!

“Domino’s has designed and built an ordering capability into their Facebook pages to ensure customers can order their favourite pizza without leaving the site they spend significant time on each day.”

The Domino’s Pizza Facebook app has two versions, one of which automatically shares a customers order with their friends, and the other which allows a customer to decide what is shared. Once the order is placed, a Pizza Tracker allows the customer to track their order process, and even ‘like’ their favourite pizzas.


Playboy Tweetgrid

Traditionally, Playboy is thought of as a magazine brand, but recently they’ve begun carrying out some innovative social campaigns.

In Playboy’s latest campaign, they wished for a greater presence of Twitter, and used their Argentina Twitter account to do so, creating the first Playboy photo album created by Twitter. Playboy rewarded users for retweeting messages with the brand message of a girl revealing more clothes. For every 15 retweets, a new section of the Playboy grid was revealed, showing more of their naked cover girl.

In the first hour, Playboy received 390 retweets, gained 23% of new followers in 3 hours, and at the end of the campaign, the album had been viewed in over 29 countries,

Their campaign was surprisingly successful, as the simple fact is it’s incredibly easy to find images online, but people still took part in Playboy’s campaign, highlighting the fun element the campaign provided.


Uniqlo Wake UP! App

Uniqlo have launched an innovative social alarm app, which aims to make waking up a more enjoyable experience.

The clever alarm clock app changes the music it plays depending on the weather, and also shares the time, weather and temperature at the moment they stopped the alarm. Users can they share a record of their awakening via social media channels.

A clever app from Uniqlo that is incredibly useful too! Thanks Uniqlo!

Pay for new trainers by miles not money

Nike Mexico have a wonderfully social commerce campaign where instead of paying for new trainers with money, you can bid for them with miles (or kilometers) you’ve run and recorded in your Nike+ trainers. You can only bid with miles run during a 15 day period, and if you’re outbid, can re-bid by running more miles!

To take part, fans can head to the Nike Facebook page for the #makeitcount Nike+ auction- pretty brilliant highlighting Nikes core brand message of competitive sports.



Brilliant Social campaigns on a GRAND scale!


Worlds first invisible advert!

Lynx are a brilliant example of a brand that consistently plugs their core brand message- that LYNX will attract the ladies and turn you into a mega stud! Their latest campaign is just brilliant, creating the world’s first invisible advert.

The campaign was created in an abandoned house in Sydney, where the windows where replaced with LED screens. To the ordinary bystander, the house looked completely normal, but once they tried the LYNX sunglasses, the house turned into one big steamy advert. A brilliantly smart campaign from LYNX to get people talking!

Armed forces launch social recruitment drive

The Swedish army aimed to find 4,000 applicants for 1,500 new positions, whilst also generating word about the great work the armed forces do. Thus, their hugely innovative campaign revolved around helping others.

Centered around a large box which was turned into a call, located in Stockholm city center, and individuals where locked in the box for a minimum of an hour.

Images from inside were streamed to social media sites. The only way to escape was to be freed by somebody from the outside and people traveled from all over the country to save those locked inside.

The campaign created huge online buzz, and attracted 100,000 visitors to the website in less than four days.  Most importantly, the army managed to fill out their jobs with twice the expected amount of applicants.


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