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Facebook creates a Social Globe

The world is becoming more and more social, with eMarketer predicting 1.43 billion social network users in 2012, a 19.2% increase over 2011- a significant share of the worlds entire population.

According to eMarketer, one in five people will use a social network this year, and one in every four will do so in 2014, with Facebook being the key reason for this. Facebook has rapidly expanded into India, Brazil and Indonesia who now join the US and Mexico in the top 5 Facebook countries. In 2012, 837.3 million people worldwide will use Facebook- a 27.4% increase from 2011. These astonuding figures really highlight Facebook’s global takeover.

Facebook updates Timeline page ‘beginnings’

Facebook has now added the options of the ‘beginning’ of pages to ‘created’ or ‘launched’. The original options of ‘started’, ‘founded’ and ‘opened’ are still available but these new options make a lot more sense based on the various types of companies and brands that run pages on Facebook.

Facebook introduce new recommendations feature for place pages

Pages which have switched to the new Timeline format will now display user recommendations in a box beneath friend activity and include a prompt for people to write their own recommendations.

A new mobile Referrals dashboard is now available on App insights

Facebook’s new mobile referral dashboard development helps to understand the traffic an app receives from Facebook mobile sources. Real=time information is shown about total mobile app clicks, source breakdown, demographic breakdown, and device breakdown.

3,000 Timeline apps launched 

3,000 Facebook Timeline apps have spawned since Facebook launched the platform 3 months ago, and now big companies like Foursquare, Nike and VEVO are unveiling theirs too. These new launches are likely to convince more brands and startups that Timeline app development is worth the investment, meaning soon there will be even more apps being fed into users Facebook content feeds and ad targeted engines.

A great example of this is Pinterest, who have seen its Facebook user base grow 60% since its launched its Timeline app in January.


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