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Are you ready for the Facebook Timeline switchover for Brand pages?

Social Media Permalink RSS feed Written by Michelle Goldfarb

We’re all just two days away until the new Timeline design for Facebook brand pages will be made compulsory. From what we’re hearing, many of you are not convinced by the new timeline design, and aren’t happy with the compulsory switch over.

Here’s some promising and encouraging news via Mashable to help ease the thought of being ported over to the new Timeline feature on 30th March.

Research shows that brands are receiving an average 46% more engagement with the Timeline design. Brands who have already made the switchover to the new Timeline- a reported 8 million brands (which is one-fourth of the brands on Facebook) includes brands such as Livestrong and Toyota saw their engagement rates jump 161% and 156%, respectively.

So it’s really not all that bad, right?

It’s worth noting that engagement with videos and photos were up a combined 65%- we’re wondering if this is due to Pinterest…


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